“I have been fortunate enough to have several breathwork sessions with Lydia and I have to say, from the very first time, I was blown away by the process.  I didn’t even know what breathwork really was, but I figured I’d try it.  I found it to be so simple…yet so groundbreaking at the same time & like nothing I’d ever experienced.  Doing this work with Lydia, even after first time, I found myself beginning to let go of things that were keeping me back.  Lydia’s patience, understanding, and most of all her sheer intuition makes our sessions incredibly powerful as she has the knack of always knowing exactly what to say and in just a few words!  I don’t know what I’m more impressed by, her expert guidance, or this amazing (new to me) practice called breathwork! Our time together, has me feeling lighter, more insightful, enlightened and musch more present as well.  My newfound awareness invaluable and for this, I am deeply grateful.”

David O., New Haven, CT

“I have had the pleasure of private breathwork sessions with Lydia as well as a very powerful group session and I highly recommend her. My best friend's testimonial about the amazing experience she had with Lydia one-on-one motivated me to try it out. I could see that the new ideas and affirmations Lydia coached my friend to apply to her life were having an immediate positive impact. Lydia is amazingly insightful and supportive as she guides you through the experience. She helped me practice breathwork, enabled me to explore and interpret the memories and issues that surfaced, and bestowed the perfect affirmations for me. I am at a bit of a loss for words to describe the breath-body-mind-emotional connection that Lydia helps you activate, but it is powerful! It is intensely therapeutic and I felt completely safe and open due to Lydia's effective approach and expertise.”

Sara C., S. Orange, NJ


"Always on the look-out for new cleansing practices, I heard of Lydia’s breathwork workshops and decided to give it a go.

I have been practicing some Tibetan breathing techniques for a while. But that has it’s basis in lower-torso breath origins while this practice focused on the upper chest as the focal point. Would I just be hyperventilating or….?

Settling in on the floor, the class began it’s breathing.

And it was amazing.

The energy flow through my body and Being coursed with an intensity I have seldom felt.

Whenever thoughts arose, they vanished just as quickly.

And an overall sense of deep-rooted, core, ease replaced the usual worry and fear I’ve been used to.

This breathwork is real. It works on the person as a whole; covering mind, body, and spirit.

Thanks and love to Lydia and crew for a great experience and insight into a new practice to add to my quiver."

Craig G., New Haven, CT


After my breathwork session with Lydia I felt a renewed sense of ease, relaxation, and calm in my body. Lydia's gentle, grounding guidance allowed me to connect with my breath in a new way and the gems of wisdom she offered resonated deeply. Plus, I love her focus on the importance of mind body connection! If you want to release stress and connect inward go get a breathwork session with Lydia! 

Elyse Sparkes


I had an incredibly empowering Rebirthing Breathwork session with Lydia this morning. She was such a powerhouse of wisdom and motivation. It was so great to breathe in love and compassion towards myself. It was precisely the kind of nourishing healing I needed to jumpstart my day, and continue on my path moving forward to accomplishing my goals. I highly recommend her services as a Breathworker and Life Coach, your future self will thank you!

Jannelly Avellaine, New York, NY

Lydia is a powerful breathworker and I highly recommend her. I felt supported and at ease in her presence. She is intuitive and quick to offer guidance, insight, and affirmation while working through hardships and stuck patterns. Lydia provides the space for change, movement, and positive transformation.

Ari Barkan, Philadelphia, PA

Learning how to breathe isn't as easy as we think. Sure, in/out, in/out. But when working with Lydia, everything changes. She teaches you to control your breath, to feel it, to embody it. And once we learn the skills, we realize that she's given us a whole new way to manage our stress, connect with our bodies and trust that there's someone there to help us when we need it. 

Marissa G., New Haven, CT

Lydia brings compassion to her practice. She talks with you about what you’d like to work on and what your goals are and then helps target what will serve you best for each session.

Rebecca B., New Haven, CT


Whatever skepticism I had about breathwork was blown away; you have to feel it to believe it! The affirmations I leave with follow me out the door and into my life.

Lisa O., South Orange, NJ