Who am I?

  • I’m rad. I can use my punk rock skills to get through any crowded area.

  • I’m supportive. In a crisis, I’m the calm one.

  • I’m passionate. I love Halloween, dancing, and the ocean air.

  • I’m smart. I speak my mind and am a great listener.

  • I’m beautiful. I have “cool” hair, which is naturally curly and expands in the humidity.

  • I’m grounded. I have affirmations all over my refrigerator; my favorite is
    "I step into my power now."

  • I’m hilarious. My eyes smile and my laugh is contagious.

  • I’m in love. I proposed to my husband, Dave, after 20 years together using his deceased dad’s wedding ring. We got married on our 22nd anniversary.

  • I’m fearless. I started performing Burlesque just shy of my 42nd birthday.

  • I’m soulful. Being alone, in quiet reflection, is a non-negotiable part of my life.