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Spiritual Spa Day

  • Stardust Blessings Metaphysical 145 Boston Post Road West Haven, CT USA (map)

Join us for a day of Healing, Spiritual Spa Day gives you the opportunity to sample 5 different healing sessions.
$100.00 cash donation.

Contact Stardust Blessings for Tickets 203-932-1441
You will get 5 sessions @20 minutes each for the following:

Breathwork with Lydia:

Lydia Mandell is a Certified Breathworker and a Shamanic Practitioner. She will be offering a choice of either a 20-minute Conscious Connected Breathwork session or a 20-minute Shamanic Energy HealingConscious Connected Breathwork, also known as Rebirthing Breathwork is a powerful, safe, and gentle breathing technique that releases stress from the body and increases your energy level.

By learning to breathe consciously, you can uncover and release limiting thought patterns, negative energies stored in the body, and old stories thereby taking the first step to a more pleasurable, authentic life. session. Shamanic Healing combines ancient wisdom teachings and energy healing with modern coaching techniques. We will work with the chakras, crystals, and meridian systems. Shamanic Healing Sessions allow you to work on issues that arise including old familial patterns and limiting beliefs. Through shamanic techniques, you can gain a greater understanding of your life’s and your soul’s calling while clearing karma and letting go of ancestral patterns that are not serving you. You can awaken your destiny and recharge confidence to travel your life’s path.

Reading with Michelle Tierney: An amazing intuitive reader and medium.

Reiki Session:

Session of Reiki with our own in-house Reiki Master Kristin Palm:
From an early age, Kristin has always felt very connected to divine energy and healing. It’s something she has always done on her own as a child without being taught anything about it. In her teenage years, through life experiences and spiritual growth she was then lead to the study of Angel's. As she evolved in spirituality, she was constantly seeking a method of energy work that people could understand or relate to. In 2008, She was introduced to Reiki. She learned & practiced reiki and received her level I certification. She continued to study and practice Reiki for the next several years along with its techniques and lineage, completing each level of certification. In 2014 she completed her Reiki Master level. She has been practicing Reiki for 10 years. She now uses her Reiki training along with her natural Energy healing concurrently together.

Crystal Quartz Tuning/Aroma Therapy Session:

Chakra Tuning Session with Michele Scalpi. Michele uses essential oils on the main Chakra points to not only aid in the tuning of the Chakras but to extend the tuning as long as possible. The oils will continue to tune the Chakras until it is washed off.
Michele uses Quartz Crystal Tuning Forks a form of Sound Therapy to apply the proper frequency to each Chakra bringing them into alignment. Tuning the Chakras opens up the Kundalini energy flow and allows for blockages to release leaving the Chakra system aligned.

Orgone Chamber Session:

The Orgone Transmutation Chamber is a private room; consists of a suspended bed in the heart of a Merkaba frame filled with Orgone Technology. Each frame section contains a different crystal/gemstone amounting to 16 different crystals/gemstones total. The top and bottom frame has added herbal blends for Ascension, Healing, Love and Abundance. Anything encased in Orgone technology is amplified therefore these frequencies are being amplified for greater benefit and attunement. There is a large Crystal Grid created and charged with Love and Abundance under the bed and 7 tuned Quartz crystals under the mattress each tuned and aligned with your chakra system. You will emerge fully tuned energetically. The session consists of a guided mediation that brings you hypnotically into meditation. We have observed multiple sessions brings greater benefit and deeper connections.

Build Your own Intention Candle, included at the end of your day of healing. You will be provided a blank candle, oils, herbs, gemstones and a crystal to create an intention candle to bring home.

We will also have snacks and drinks.

We will be selling 15 tickets for the day. Split into 3 Group Sessions of 5 people.
Group Session 1 will be from 9am-Noon
Group Session 2 will be from Noon-3pm
Group Session 3 will be from 3pm-6pm